Second innings

All of a sudden… for no reason… have been so obsessed with this song today… that I decided to create a new blog with this name!!

My old blog is closed down… I want this one to be as refreshing as this song… hopefully 🙂

I am still having the vacation hangover… and boss being away has only helped it more 🙂 I feel like getting away… away from bombay… to a new city… feel like I want a changeover… something new…

But reality… what else pays what comes to my bank account every month? I am still not that bugged to let it go… I know that day will come someday… until then… enjoy the money and enjoy life!

I am still listening to the song… umpteenth time today… and it gives me a kind of relaxed energy 🙂 perhaps, the vacation memories 🙂

Time for food as I listen to the song and smile away 🙂

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