the secret is out

My history and geography is so bad… I wish I could blame only the teachers back in school but then I have had a decade to do better which I havent tried…

A few months back I didnt know that Czechoslovakia didnt exist anymore… my excuse being it happened after my history books were published and in a phase when all I read in the newspaper was the sports column!

And the most fascinating discovery I made post my recent europe trip… that berlin, the capital of west germany and the berlin wall were in the center of east germany!

Its no more fascinating 😦 my h&g teacher is also wrong!

One thing I have been doing now, is listening to as many stories as i can remember from the master history teacher 🙂

One thought on “the secret is out

  1. Actually, I was wrong. Capital of West Germany was Bonn and that of East Germany was East Berlin. West Berlin (3/4th of original berlin) was a part of West Germany even though completely in middle of East Germany but not the capital city.

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