como estas?

I have my spanish exam this weekend… yup, that much postponed one! After meticulously attending those 3 months of weekend classes, I couldn’t give my final exams as I was working overtime… Not that I couldn’t have passed if I had given then, just that I hadn’t prepared anywhere close to my satisfaction… and then I continued to work overtime and the exam got postponed more and more…

One of the first things I did post my vacation was to call up the institute to fix the exam… sunday 8 am (time was not chosen by me!)… That was the easy part done… I had a big (re)starting trouble and I sat in a barista for 2 full hours to give that cafe kick start to only glance thru’ notes for 2 classes! I am beginning to think I was better prepared during those overtime days 😦

I better prepare and do well… just for my own satisfaction… hopefully it will help someday, in more ways that one 🙂

Inbtw, I also figured out that the song after which the blog is named has a couple of lines of espanol in it! Seems like almost all lyric writers like including a bit of french / spanish in random places… u wont even notice them unless u hear attentively!

One thought on “como estas?

  1. Hey nice to come across ur blog. Me llamo subu/esu/cond … 🙂
    Itz been ages. Como estas ? Itz been around : Cinco anos I guess.

    donde vives ? en mumbai ? Que trabajar?

    y lo siento por mi espanol 🙂 !!


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