I don’t remember reading any books of the travelogue category… until N praised quite a few of them… I did buy a book on Rome when I was there, but it was a fiction that interested me because of the roman history weaved into it… not really a travelogue…

I bought ‘Me, myself and Prague’ in Cesky Krumlov and read it during the trip… About the author who moves to Prague and her experiences in the first one year of her life there… a light read that was so right to read during the trip!

Also read, ‘How we survived communism and also laughed’… I didn’t enjoy it as much, but a big eye-opener (for me)!

The Middle east is another area that has caught my interest in recent times… again, I don’t know much about these too… I bought the ‘Last train to Istanbul’ in the Istanbul airport, during the transit… and I have definitely read more of this book than my spanish notes! Has been quite an interesting read atleast the first 100 pages… hopefully will give me a perspective before I do the Greece + Turkey trip (smtime!)…

Another book which has caught my attention is ‘From Beirut to Jerusalem’… lets see when I get to read that and would it lead to any other places to travel…

One thought on “Travelogues

  1. So many posts in just 2 days?????!!!! good going!

    I am trying to get some words out on the trip – its in my head, but not coming out in words…

    Yep, yep – travelogues are fun. But, yea some of them can get a little strenuous as there is really no “story” going on. definitely hard to do too many in a shot. will pass on some from my shelf … 🙂

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