Easy offer gained and forgone

I just got an offer from another ib firm setting up shop in India. They have recruited a couple of good people here and have been aggresively picking up some good talent around the globe when every other bank was letting people go… and that made me open to talk to them.

The “interview” last 1.5 hours when I met three people… the country head, another MD and a VP. I was with the country head for 45 mins where he made the sales pitch for more than 20 minutes! I get wary of these interviews when I don’t have to sell myself one bit!

I liked the people. They seemed to have learnt stuff that my firm learnt after more than a year of operations in India! But I wasn’t sure I really wanted to jump to another firm setting up shop when I had already invested one year in such a place now.

And I got a call from the headhunter today saying they are interested in taking me on board, preferably in a month! And they are not willing to compensate me for the 10-11 months of bonus I would be missing out on!!!

First, that was too easy to get an offer. Second, I dont get the logic when someone says you can become an MD sooner in the new place and hence you should be ready to forgo the short term gain of 10 months bonus!

I had to tell him that I dont want to waste anyone’s time trying to prolong this… I will look at it again in February and yes, he can proceed to talk to those people who he claims are willing to let go of that 10 months bonus to join a firm that is in the process of setting up base!

Just remembered: I did’t even have to update my resume which was 1.5 years old! 🙂

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