Just another post #1

My macbook, err… studio 15 has arrived… and its wide… dud, obviously it’s a 15 inch screen! Not red, but the usual black… stupid brain didn’t listened to heart when I was ordering and then it was too late to change. Bf has installed all the necessities except for those firefox add-ons and hence, at last I have gotten my “virtual space” in the house.

I wish I was doing a full time Spanish course… have been sneaking in my Spanish lessons and worksheets in between my work hours (successfully!) and loving this language… cant wait to master it 😉

Diwali is coming soon… time to go home… 3 day weekend… time off from pretending to work! Hoping to shorten that ‘to-do’ list and finish reading Lance Armstrong’s “It’s not about the bike”… and obviously, learn a lil espanol 🙂

One thought on “Just another post #1

  1. u actually have the energy to go to some class in the weekend. i am leaving languages for retirement. 🙂 i came home today at 5.30 and slept… the first time in a long long long time.

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