This is it!

Watched MJ ‘s one last entertainer yesterday… LOVED it… and wanted me to dance away, one more time… if only I had the time! This is a MUST watch at BITS… I missed the campus and the music nites and couldnt help thinking how much energy the audi would have had as MJ does what he does best! Hmmm… I was just in a different musical world for quite some time after I came back home.

Work keeps me busy along with my spanish lessons, those latenight movies (the only thing I make an effort to do for bf!) and thinking and sometimes planning my next vacation!

I took wednesday off… I was down with a bad cold and drowsiness… but then, I was only happy that I got a day off “to do nothing”! Happens… esp when I trouble myself with 6 hours of spanish classes in the weekends (including a sunday 8 am class!).

I haven’t called / written to so many of my friends… they are all just gonna forget i exist! if any of you do read this, i havent forgotten.. its just that i am just too selfish to let anyone have my time right now 😦 I promise to make the effort to connect again.

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