Twitter effects

I am one among the many people who has gotten used to saying things under 140 characters* that I dont feel the need to write so many words so often.

But then… its not always true… What I write on twitter are just passing thoughts while what I blog are things that stay on mind over some time for me to think, store in memory until i find time to open wordpress, write, read again and then push the publish button (okie, i actually dont spend so much time thinking about what I blog, but still…!).

Another big difference, I tweet using my phone and blog using a laptop. Bf has told me many a time to install some software to blog using the phone. But typing a post gives me a lot more satisfaction than posting something from the phone.

Read somewhere that if microsoft had designed twitter, we would be able to change font sizes and font colors!! HoH… how thankful i am that microsoft doesnt have anything to do with twitter.

In short, both my twitter and blog are my blaberring mediums. One captures my instant thoughts while the other captures the big picture story 😉

* Applies only to web talk…  bf would be very happy if that was true for real life 😉 

wow, I feel good writing this instead of those short sentences / phrases on twitter 🙂

2 thoughts on “Twitter effects

  1. I think laavs is looking for you with a baseball bat.. such comments abt MSFT 🙂
    Should join twitter sometime.. facebook itself is tiring for me… so twitter can wait until later!!

  2. 🙂 i am tempted to delete my facebook account. I anyways liked facebook only for the games it offered. I cant use any of these for ‘social networking’! For me gmail, chat and that simple phone are the only ones that can actually ‘connect’ people.

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