Web addict’s spanish update and her new jazz

It is ironical that I have a long to-do list but have to sit in office for 12 hours everyday doing almost nothing other than browsing (happens especially in December!). My to-do list mostly deals with stuff I need to get done in the real world and not in the corporate world… but then it is too expensive to take any more days off to do that! Hence I shall stay here until the next weekend… being friendly with google news, gossip, gsmarena and obviously wordpress and twitter!

In between, I finished my Spanish second level exam last weekend and I have taken 2 months off before I join the third level in March. That means I can SLEEP a LOT in the weekends! 🙂 But yeah, my Spanish listening skills requires a LOT of improvement and I intend to practice that with Ben and Marina more often for the next couple of months.

I got a new machine with me now – the Honda Jazz! I love this car but still haven’t got the chance to drive it alone to my heart’s content (no, not on bandra roads!). I love the amount of space in this car and it’s a pretty smooth ride. Would have liked a couple of extra features for the price I paid for this (especially when I compare with the i20), but then this car feels like a different world altogether compared to the i20 – ‘comfortable’ + ‘Honda’ tag won over ‘features’ + ‘Hyundai’ tag.

PS: I was not too happy with Arya Honda (Prabhadevi), where I bought the car. The list of documents required went up multi-fold after I paid the money. Even a proper rent agreement registered in Mumbai + a statement from my office HR on letterhead stating I live here doesn’t stop their brokers from asking an exorbitant bribe for the registration. And yeah, the sales lady just talks too much and tries to sell the most priced accessory possible! It just made my buying experience a huge headache but then, I got the car in a record time of 4 days from when I paid the money.

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