The first ride and… $%&^^&*((*)^&*

Today was my first solo ride in the new car… I have taken my Fiesta out in Chennai alone a couple of times without any fear but still wasn’t so sure about taking the jazz out alone in Mumbai! Wanted boyfriend to accompany me on the ride to office today morning but he hadn’t woken up when I left and I thought ‘I can do this’! And I did drive so well that I already thought of tweeting about it as soon as I reached office. And then… I reached office… went to basement 1… and then had to find the way to basement 2… among the circles… took the wrong turn… and the left door hit / scratched the side wall… and my heart and the car stopped.

And its been almost 6 hours since… and I haven’t stopped cursing myself… still feeling guilty… and scared.

I almost did the same thing to my new laptop a week back… and I have this very bad feeling about spending money and not knowing how to take care of my things 😦

Looking forward to spending the long weekend in Delhi from tomorrow night… hopefully it would bring some sanity into me! 

PS: Boyfriend has been a sweetheart… all the time.

5 thoughts on “The first ride and… $%&^^&*((*)^&*

  1. Babe…. it happens. When you try to be extra careful, things go for a toss… Take it easy!!! As long as its not a dent you can breathe easily… :-). Besides driving through basement garages are a pain and your mind would start going in circle.. so dont curse yourself too much!!!
    Delhi… who’s there? Mail up…

  2. Hey Rags, Good to see your blog! I don’t know how long you’ve been writing again (wasn’t there a protected blog or something earlier?), but welcome back. I was so disappointed that none of the vetttis were writing any longer!

    Congrats on the new car and laptop. Hope you got a booster seat too for the driver :P. Drive safely and enjoy.

  3. @Meera, yeah, it was a small dent and i am getting it done alright… so shd be fine 🙂 Went to delhi for A’s wedding (ex-roommate of sandy and me) and met up with a bunch of bf’s friends… was too cold to do anything much!

  4. @karthik, hey… good to see u here.. yeah, none of u write anymore! I too didn’t write much in the protected one…. trying to get back to this for the past 4 months… hopefully i continue writing 🙂

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