I shed a tear today

… for the great master. I am one of those billion people who feel ‘lucky’ to have been living at the same time when the little master is entertaining us.

As I sat in front of my desk today, fighting my mental and physical exhaustion due to tremendous amount of insignificant work and a body which yields to pain because it hasnt been taken care of well enough, I heard all my colleagues huddled up in front of the TV cheering for the genius, who has been chasing his dreams for 21 years and counting. As I hear that eruption across the country, I smile for him and close my eyes for that few seconds to let it sink in and feel a happy tear, while I need to meet a deadline in the next few minutes. I smile.

Later in the day, i glance at my twitter timeline and no, I didnt have to read many to know #sachin or #sachinisgod must have been trending pretty high today. I smiled once again.

I came home exhausted and as I neared my home, I saw traffic jammed in those small lanes next to my house as numerous media vans thronged to get ‘bites’ from his neighbourhood ‘fans’! I enjoy the drama and smile once again.

I watch replays and re-replays and know they are not as good as the LIVE match, but then this is not the first time… and neither is his last one. I reminisce my childhood, which would have been quite different without cricket and sachin. He made me smile… and he continues to make a billion people smile 🙂

2 thoughts on “I shed a tear today

  1. nice post. always good to come across those who don’t only idolize him based on the latest scorecard. haven’t gotten around to posting about the double-ton but here’s a couple you might identify with…



    There’s also a slightly more factual look at comparing him with the others…

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