Fear of change vs. Fear of monotony

Most of the people I meet in everyday life (mainly at work) have the fear of change.  It takes quite an effort for them to look for new jobs, change houses, plan a vacation etc. They are looking to ‘get-settled’. But doesn’t that entitle doing the same thing everyday?


I have the fear of monotony. I have looked for a change of job every 1.5 years and quit what I was doing within 2 years. I don’t know if it is right or wrong, but I get bored too easily! I need something new to look forward to… every other week! (I guess that is why I start thinking of my next vacation even before the current one ends!).


I think this was one of the prime reasons I agreed to shift to London. Yes, I thought I could travel more around Europe (I will come to the practicality of this later) but then I was going to get paid lesser for doing more work, and that meant something else had to motivate me enough! Actually I wouldn’t say life in Bombay got monotonous… Life in Bombay was fun, it was more my work life that got monotonous. I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing… in fact I was hating it more and more to the point that I had lost all motivation to do anything more than necessary (sometimes even not that!). I enrolled in Spanish classes and dance classes and rekindled the love for cycling to kill that boredom. But then I thought shifting to a new country is a totally new thing that I could get my life interested in.


For a month before the moving and for the next four months here, there has been something to do every other weekend. House hunting, shopping for household items and winter clothes, trying out new restaurants every weekend, cycling around London every weekend, Scotland trip etc. and etc. It is sometimes quite a bit of pressure that I put upon myself, but in hindsight, it is worth it! Work is better… but not as good as I expected… more to do with my bad luck and the current state of the Europe economy. The weather is getting worse… which means I really can’t go for long weekend trips for the next 4-6 months! What a waste of time… what is the use of living so close to so many weekend destinations if I can’t visit them for half the year! Add to it that we need visas for every other country.


Anyways, I hope I don’t get bored and that I have new things to do even in this horrible weather that is getting worse as I write. I wish I could convince at least some of my friends from Bombay to visit while I am here. More importantly I wish some of them get rid of their fear of change and move in here… will help me immensely to tackle my fear of monotony even in this new country.


Picture courtesy: http://www.artewa.com/buyonline/catalog/images/galeria/serlon.jpg

2 thoughts on “Fear of change vs. Fear of monotony

  1. just to clarify… not everyone of us is landing jobs in London 😛

    haha – i can totally understand the boredom angle. surprisingly – i have outlasted my 1-2yr trck record of previous places… at this rate i may even get the 5 yr plaque 😛 😛 😛

  2. Send me tickets, and I’ll be there right away 😛 and the vodka’s on me.

    On a serious note, maybe you should take up a new activity or meet new folks there. I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

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