I am drunk

May be it is not the best time to write a blog post, but still…

I got screwed with the bonus this year.  Ok fine, very very few people earn the kind of money I earn for doing bullshit work, but still…

I put up with this bullshit and the 24/7 work-life (okie, no life, just work) just for the money. I came to London thinking I could travel more… little did I know, I wont even get weekends off for months and forget planning trips… I don’t even get time to get my eyebrows done! I need an alternate career and I have no time to plan one… I need to plan for visas, travel plans and many more, but then I should first spare time to get some extra sleep, get my dry-cleaning done and eat on time, once in a while!

Anyways, I am just drunk and unhappy. And needed to rant.

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