Movies and biking – the life other than work

Last weekend was one of those eventful ones where I managed to catch 4 movies, attend a birthday party, keep up my word on weekly cycling and also managed to get work done on a major pitch I was working on! Looking back, I should give myself a pat on the back.

Movies weren’t a part of my growing up years – strictly limited to one Tamil movie per year in the theatre and no cable at home – and hence I haven’t really watched the prequels to all the good Hollywood movies I watch now. When X-Men First Class was seen on Friday, the Trilogy inevitably followed over the weekend! It is a different matter that I thought Professor-X and Magneto would have just aged from First Class and not be totally different people (Stupid, I know!).

Similarly, when I saw Fast and Furious 5 a few weeks back, the Tokyo Drift was much talked about. Must say it lived up to all its hyped expectations when I caught the movie on Wednesday. After an extended long weekend in Bruges, we had to see ‘In Bruges’, which happened to get its chance yesterday. After Tokyo Drift, I was falling asleep with the pace of this movie, but must say, it is a great movie to watch if in the right mood for it. Anyways, isn’t that a great movie week?

In other news, boyfriend has been doing 100km or 100 mile cycling trips once a week! Other than the fact that he does these on particular days of the week when I go home early and he comes back in the last train back to London, reaching home post midnight, I am happy with his great cycling achievements! It is going to be time to buy him his new road bike soon.

I can see a visible improvement in my cycling too. My legs are getting used to doing 40-50 km rides without much of a pain and more importantly, I am not walking up any elevations but actually cycling the ups and downs of London – I don’t think I even cycled up flyovers last year!

If Scotland pumped up my cycling last year, this year’s credit goes to Bruges – over three days, I surpassed my target of 150 km by doing 180 km! This cycling trip got me to experience the challenges of cycling with headwinds and crosswinds that felt like I was moving mountains! And over these ultra flat roads, it wasn’t the legs that hurt the most, but the bum! We cycled on hired bikes and since this was very different compared my own Schwin, my bum never got used to it. And boy, after the weekend in Bruges, my own bike felt so different when I sat on it last weekend in London!

Bruges biking weekend summary:

Day1:   68.90 Km  (Bruges to Damme, Sluis, Knokke-Heist & Back)

Day 2:  57.91 Km  (Bruges to Lissewege, Blankenberg, De Haan, Stalhille & Back)

Day 3:  54.14 Km  (Bruges to Ghent)

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