Thoughts from hour zero

– The plan was to take a month off and combine that South American dream vacation with that Spanish learning craze within me
– The plan was to come back and get married by signing the register and continue life as if nothing happened
– The plan was to find another job amidst this adventure so that by the time life is back to continuing as is, I would have more time in my hands, lesser stress in my head and a better state of mind at the expense of foregoing all those ‘big bonuses’ that anyways don’tย exist anymore.

Ahem, if only life was that simple…

Yes, the wedding is happening as planned (yay!), but we have two dinners in our respective hometowns (Chennai and Karnal), the planning for which is creating a lot of havoc and stress in our and our parents’ lives! Hopefully we will all come out of it smiling (fingers crossed).

I might be jobless in a month which means no revenue stream in the household – what a way to begin our newly-wed life ๐Ÿ˜‰ but somehow this hasnt begun to stress me yet… maybe the desire to get out of this in-human work environment over rides any rationale in my mind.

I am on my way to Peru (another yay!) to have a month off alone, learning some Espanol and travelling around. This is my most unplanned vacation ever. I am on a flight to Lima and I dont even know the time difference between London and Lima. Have managed to forego any bookings as I have the luxury of time. I am sure N is thinking this side of me doesnt exist. Even I cant believe the only thing I have paid for are my flight tickets!

From the time A and I moved to London, we have grown more dependant on each other. Our friends circle isnt as big as it was in Bombay and there is so little time left after my work hours that we end up spending most of that time as ‘just-us’. And hence this month away from each other is going to be so much more difficult. I know I have new things to do everyday in a new place but I really hope he takes care of himself and enjoys his last days of that ‘technically-single’ status for the last month! And then we are back again for the next adventure of our lives in April ๐Ÿ™‚

The reality of how far I am travelling hit me only yesterday night when I was looked at my flight duration – 2 hours London-Madrid + 12 hours Madrid-Lima + overnight in Lima + 1 hour Lima-Cusco. And now as I sit in this Madrid-Lima flight, I feel like that lost North Indian in Chennai – with no clue what they are speaking around me and a bit scared of my first solo adventure! But then, I have a month to learn a bit about them, make some new friends, learn their language and hopefully take back something in me about Peru and the Peruvians.

If nothing else, I know I will survive ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from hour zero

  1. Yay! for the wedding plan. And YAY! for the solo travel. Have an awesome time, and stay safe. Hope to see you blogging (tweeting too maybe?) about your adventures. *hugs*

    PS: Well timed post… Needed to read this.

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