The first 48 hours

…what else did i expect. It has been tough.

That flight was long. 13 hours from Madrid to Lima. Lima reminded me so much of Bombay… the humidity, the sea breeze, the grafitti, the traffic… I think I understood why I read that it is not a touristy city, but I think I would like it. But no plans this time to be there though. The casa I stayed overnight was simple and nice. The terrace there reminded me of the terrace in the small independant houses in Chennai… small, with views of all terraces across the street (where you can actually chit-chat with your neighbours), with clothes drying and a lot of junk… no such thing in London!

The flight from Lima to Cusco was all the way above the Andes… the views are beautiful, whatever I saw amidst the clouds. The descent into Cusco itself cannot be described in words… you would have to experience it. Cusco is a small town, c.3500m high, in a valley and surrounded on all sides (so close) by mountains. As we were descending, I couldnt help thinking, how much A would have liked this town.

I was taken directly to my homestay, where I met J (the lady of the house). She doesnt speak any English… and my Spanish is very basic. Yet, she explained everything, took me around town, we did some shopping, she got me lunch and dinner… I think I understand only 20% of everything she spoke all day! 😦

At the end of the day, I was very tired and had a pounding headache. I slept for more than 2 hours and still woke up with the worst case of hangover headache ever… those signs of altitude sickness… I needed diamox. On top of this, I am feeling very cold without central heating … I feel like I have flu. Hope I feel better by tomorrow.

I met J’s husband and son today morning. The breakfast and lunch conversations were all in Spanish… I miss speaking to anyone in English. I have so many questions about here… I try to ask, but dont understand most of the answers! Tomorrow is my first day of classes at the school… I am hoping to meet more people and hopefully get some answers too!

I started feeling home-sick today… but talking to A, taking a walk, finding this cafe with wi-fi and cappachino helped. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Until then, Adios!

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