Living in the mountains – Part I

A few snippets from my life in mountains for the past fortnight:

  • I am in love with the mountains – away from the hustle and bustle of the city life – and it feels so good. I think I am beginning to understand A’s love for mountains – cant help thinking how much he will love this place. I am sure he will jump on the idea next time I suggest spending a month here. The good thing is I am here at the last month of the rainy season – the rains have reduced from its peak but the mountains are still lush green – I am told the mountains are dry during the peak-travel season, when there is no rain. I definitely love green mountains more than snow covered peaks.
  • Living like the locals – I take the local buses everyday to school and these are more crowded and worse than the Chennai buses (that should say something) – dont think I would have done this if I was just on my usual 2 week holiday – and I managed to show how to do this and pay the local rate to other new girls in school!
  • My spanish is improving – I am no more as lost as I felt in my first weekend here – I can talk to shopkeepers, laundry guy, taxi drivers, my teachers (who know my level and speak accordingly) and J (my homestay lady). But I still cant understand much of what J’s husband speaks – sometimes I think he is speaking Quechua and not Spanish! If I understand something of what he speaks and can read a very basic story book at the end of my month here, I think I would have achieved what I wanted to do!
  • At one month, I am having the least vacation time of all the travellers I meet in my school! Every tuesday evening, we have a cooking class in school – no, we dont actually cook but just help with the cutting and mixing etc and the teachers do all the good work ๐Ÿ˜‰ – this is basically an opportunity to meet all the other students / travellers (our classes are one-on-one with the teachers). And I meet people who are taking a break for 3 months to a year (including a couple who are in the 10th month of their one year RTW trip) – I envy these guys, but then when you talk to them you realise it is all about priorities – go, enjoy life while you can. I am happy I could take this one month off and get out of what I used to call life. If most of these guys have never had a salary as I had and still can take RTW trips, talking to them gives a whole new perspective of life
  • Messi is God in S.America (even at a higher level than how SRT is – should maybe say ‘used to be’ – worshipped in India). I am in Peru and the only two football jerseys I recognise here are Argentina and Barcelona!
  • But then there is one person who beats him too – none other than our own SRK – when I say I am from India, I am told how many S.Americans love watching bollywood movies (which is only SRK films for them) and they love MNIK – and true to their words, I saw Ra.One being played in a big screen in one of the markets in town!
  • And I realised it is not so difficult to travel alone – everyone should do it once in their life. When I am travelling with someone else, I am in the comfort zone – Mostly, you know you have the other person for company and you dont get involved much with the outside world – but now, I explore, I figure out and enjoy whatever I can – there is no other way it can be done – complete freedom to do what you want when you want. And contrary to what I have heard, it doesnt mean you need to talk to strangers all the time and make friends – yes, you talk to a lot of strangers (which is nice) but then you also have a lot of time when you just sit idle and just let the world go by – which is what you need to experience in that solo travel. Well, the only thing bad about travelling alone is you need to keep finding new people to take your profile pics ๐Ÿ˜‰

(to be continued…)

4 thoughts on “Living in the mountains – Part I

  1. Girl, am not amazed at how you figured out to pay the local bus…we have genes that work that way. But the rest of your travelogue sounds amazing… now I want to see pics of that cooking class… and why oh why SRK? he is one dokku guy… atleast ranbir is a better class ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Lovely post. By the way, if you had an iPhone or similar, you could take your own profile pictures (yes, yes, only close-up ones, but you get my point). ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: I’m now wondering which classes I need to take up.

  3. Hey Meera, unfortunately, I dont think they even know Ranbir – will try telling them he is SRKยดs son – he will soon get popular ,)
    And I figured out the local bus by travelling with my teachers who are locals!Will send pics of cooking class most probably next week.

  4. Hey J, thanks – I do have technology to take profile pics but most times, I have managed to just ask people shamelessly ๐Ÿ˜‰
    PS: The cooking classes are free with the spanish class!

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