The lost city

The visit to the Lost City of the Incas – Machu Picchu – is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am now sitting in one of my three beds in the luxurious room I have been offered in my hotel in Aguas Calientes (no, I paid only for one bed – I am guessing this is the luxuy of off-season travel – one bed for luggage and clothes, one bed for writing blog and another bed for sleeping!). AC is a typical tourist town with tons of Pizza and Mexican places, 24 hr cafes with wifi and enough tourists who can provide a living for all of them! There is nothing much to do here than spend the night before heading to MP, but I must say, the river and the mountains are breathtaking.

Well, I have not yet stepped into MP and I am already going gaga over the mountains – that is what happens when a girl who grew up near Marina beach is surrounded by mountains for a month. I took a shared van from Cusco to Ollayantaytambo this morning, explored the little town in detail (had already visited the ruins last weekend) and caught the Vistadome Peru rail service from there to AC. I had been assigned seat A1 which turned out to be the best seat in the train – a full glass window in front, on the side and top of me and we passed through some magical scenery all the way – green mountains and the fastest flowing and best rapids river next to us all along – one of the best train rides of my life! I think I am falling in the love with the moutains…

And of all things, during the train ride, I was envying Rajnikanth for filming the Endhiran song in MP! Of all things, I know…
After today’s train ride, I am hoping the lost city lives up to my expectations tomorrow 🙂 And more importantly, I hope I am able to do that one hour trek up Huyanu Picchu to live up to A’s expectations!

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