Living in the mountains – Part III

Hahaha… Look what I discovered in my drafts from 2 years ago 🙂

I like being called senorita 🙂 They also call me amiga, but most people generally call this chica as senorita and every time they do, I do a wild dance (invisible to every one)!
I have visited umpteen ruins by now and in every one of them, I have been told about how much gold was here and how the Spanish looted it – I keep thinking about the British in India but then we didn’t have churches built on our temples with depictions of how you would go to hell if you didn’t believe in catholism! Another interesting fact – even though commissioned by the Spaniards, the churches were built by the local workers and they tried to hide as much of their beliefs in this christian work – the result, a mixture of depictions for historians and us the tourists to interpret 🙂
Pachacuteq is a household name in this part of the world – he ruled the inca state for 104 years! and is known to have built everything and anything related to this empire… still 104 years?!
Cusco’s perros i.e. dogs – they are everywhere – almost every house has a dog that is mostly on the streets or in the front garden. And many more on the streets. Anyone who knows me, knows about my fear of dogs. And still I survived perfectly fine out here – thanks to the well behaved perros! yes, well behaved calm ones, even the street dogs!

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