Chicago weather

I spent 24 hours in Chicago for a work trip in Nov 2013.

Every year in the UK, I dread the month of November – I consider it the most depressing month. With the day light saving time change at the end of October, the sun starts to set way too early for my liking and winter properly sets in. Work is at its peak and the weather is gloomy. It is grey everywhere.

And then when I went to Chicago*, it was very cold but it was beautiful sunshine. 2 degrees that made me feel like it was 15 degrees in the UK. I had a big fat smile on my face. From then on, I have always remembered that day whenever the sun shines on a cold winter day in the UK – like today 🙂 and I call it the Chicago weather.

* it is another story that all I saw was a hotel where they gave me a suite with 3 rooms and 2 showers – with a view of the motorway and the office in the middle of nowhere.

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