A day in London

Yesterday, I had to go to Paddington for a work related meeting – this was my first trip to central London in the new year (actually, the first since the girls day out in November!). Living in the countryside means, a very early morning start (for my morning standards) on a cold winter day to get to a 9.00 am meeting. I was looking forward to enjoying the hour long commute on public transport and reading on the Kindle.

My drive back home from work has been getting increasingly painful. I am tired at the end of a work day and my eyes and head get stressed with driving on the country roads with oncoming headlights making me blind by the time I finish my 50-60 min drive back home. And for this specific reason, I have been thinking of looking for a job in central London. And today was supposed to be a test of that journey.

It didn’t begin so well when SWTrains cancelled my train due to signalling problems and my 35 min train journey became a 70 min one. Through the day, I had to use the Jubilee and Bakerloo line (in non-commute direction) and even though the tubes themselves were manageable, the tube stations were swarming with people – the crowd – that reminded me how much I like my space in my car. After using the trains, I hate being underground (the nightmare of the hot summer days on the jubilee line) with no internet (no the wifi that comes up only in the tube stops doesn’t count) and I can’t stand breathing into all you tall guys’ armpits!

It was another tiring day (the good part, I exceeded my target steps on my Vivofit on a weekday 🙂 ) but with all the driving mileage I have been accumulating for almost 3 years now, it is time to get back on public transport – and maybe I can use the bus and bike to avoid the armpit scare we short people have to endure.

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